Thursday, April 27, 2006

News: UPSB congratulates new graduates

UP Sarong Banggi congratulates the new graduates of 2006!

1.Her. Cherubim Tito C. Cecilio
Tabaco City / V-704 Citiland, Pasong Tamo, Makati City
BS Agriculture (Major in Agricultural Economics)

2.Her.Marlo B. Deblois
Brgy. 4, Malilipot, Albay
BS Agriculture ( Major in Soil Science)

3.Her. Wenefredo B. de Mesa
Sto. Cristo, Tabaco City
BS Agriculture ( Horticulture / Turf Mgt )

4.Her.Annabelle P. Enciso
Burgos St., Goa, Camarines Sur
BS Agri Business Management

5.Her. Elena Marie N. Ensenado
Baras, Nabua, Camarines Sur
BS Development Communication
Recipient of College of Developement Communication Faculty
Best Undergraduate Research Award

6.Her.Vanessa T. Hilis
Ponong, Casiguran, Sorsogon
BS Development Communication

7.Her. Haidelyn V. Pimentel
Baga-Una, Aroroy, Masbate
BS Agriculture

Bim Cecilio, Marl Deblois, Pane de Mesa, Belle Enciso, Lenay Ensenado, Vane Hilis, and Haidz Pimentel, good luck!

News: Another SB hermano slain

Jason Aldwin Delen, 28, Sarong Banggi member and Camarines Norte secretary-general of the party-list group Bayan Muna was shot dead while on board a tricylce in Daet, Camarines Norte.

Please read the following news articles for details.

Thursday, March 30, 2006


We thank Her. Art Villamor for the following corrections:

1.Her.Editha Ordas, mother of Her. Andrea Martinez belonged to UPSB batch '78 and not of the 1960s.

2. Her. Miles Arroyo Evora, SB batch '74, father of Her. Melissa Ines Evora was one of the founding members of SB Kamaynilaan (SBK) in 1975 and not of Ateneo de Naga University SB which was founded in 1970.

3. Her. Art Villamor is batch '73 not batch '67.

Our apology.

Monday, March 27, 2006

News: UPSB elects new set of officers

Benny Marie Ensano, a junior BS Chemical Engineering student, was elected as the new head of UP Sarong Banggi last March 25, 2006. She won over Joeridy Lapeña who was later elected as the new vice president of the organization.

The following are the new executive committee members:

Secretary: Girlie Dimanarig
Treasurer: Katrina Jane Roxas
Public Relations Officer Internal: Melissa Ines Evora
Public Relations Officer External: Ranie Catimbang

To the new set of officers, good luck and more power!

Friday, March 24, 2006

Forum: Kamusta ang UPSB all-around party?

Katatapos lang ng all-around party ng UPSB. Ano ang inyong mga reaksiyon at suhestiyon? Ilabas na ang mga dila este kamay at isulat na ang inyong mga pananaw.

"Lolo Potin and his Sarong Bangui"

Not many of us know the life story of the man behind the song Sarong Banggi. Maybe this article would give us an idea of who he really is.

Update: Saturday Party

Schedule of Activities:

8:00 AM - 1: 00 PM. Marketing.
1:00 PM. Preparation. Food preparation is at Rigor's.
6:00 PM. Kitaan sa Rigor's. Alis na papuntang Miramonte.Ang hindi dumating sa tamang oras ay iiwan.
7:00 PM. Nomination, deliberation, at election.
9:00 PM. Program proper.
12:00 AM. Fun. Fun. Fun.

UP Sarong Banggi would like to thank SB Board of Trustees and Hermano Nelson Caceres for their significant contribution. Mabalos po sa inyo.


UP Sarong Banggi welcomes its new members namely Glady Mae Aquino, Ranie Catimbang, Michael Wen de Mesa, Girlie Dimanarig, Benny Marie Ensano, Melissa Ines Evora, Andrea Martinez, and Katrina Jane Roxas.

Catimbang, de Mesa, Dimanarig, Ensano, and Martinez were the first batch who underwent the educational discussion (ED) during the February Fair. Aquino, Evora, and Roxas, on the other hand, are the newest members, having undergone the ED just this March.

De Mesa, 17, is a brother of Winefredo “Pane” de Mesa, a newly graduate hermano. Evora, 18, is the daughter of Miles Evora, founding member of Sarong Banggi in Ateneo de Naga University, Naga City while Martinez is a daughter of Editha Ordas- Martinez, a UPSB member in the 1960’s.

All of them hail from Bicol: three from Iriga City, two from Nabua, Camarines Sur, and one each from Naga City, Tabaco City, and Bagamanoc, Catanduanes.

An acceptance party will be held on March 25, 2006 at RVM Private Pool, Miramonte Village, Calamba City.


UP Sarong Banggi needs new members. Thankfully after looking for new people, we have found them (or maybe, it is the other way around) before most of us, the old members would bid adieu to the University, home of the UP Sarong Banggi.

It has taken almost two years since the last batch before new blood surged into the veins of the ailing organizational system. Eight new members. New faces. Different personalities. However, they have taken the challenge amidst the realities they will face once they commit. Fortunately, none of them is giving signs of frustration and disillusionment (or so we believe).

Each of them has visions for the organization: org recognition this coming school year, more members, activities, financial stability, the list goes on. We are seeing leadership potentials in most of them, talents to harness, and strengths to work on. We are positively sure that they can bring back the glory or at least make the necessary steps in fulfilling that lofty ambition of ours (shared vision, we presume).

They may be young— majority are outgoing freshman and sophomore (and okay, outgoing juniors), but they seemingly have what it takes to manage the organization—idealistic minds, optimistic views, and the capacity to take risks, making a big difference as to what we have plainly achieved.

To the new members and incoming set officers, always remember: Sa Pagkasararo May Kusog! Continue the legacy of the ten members who formed the organization forty two years ago and enact the principles and objectives we believe and adhere to.


An all around party will commence the second semester, academic year 2005-2006 for the UP Sarong Banggi.

This coming March 25, 2006 (Saturday), an acceptance/induction/acquaintance/summer theme party will be held at RVM Private Pool, Miramonte Village, Pansol, Calamba, Laguna. Party will start at around nine in the evening. Every one is required to don a summer inspired outfit.

An acceptance ceremony for the new members and the induction ceremony of the new set of officers highlight the event. The election for the new set of officers will be held the same date, before the party starts. So every member is required to arrive at the venue at seven o’clock for them to nominate, deliberate, and elect the officers for the next year. Setting the General Plan of Activities for the summer and the next school year will be held after the program.

New members Ranie Catimbang and Katrina Jane Roxas will host the party while Hermano Art Villamoor, UPSB Batch 1967 will give the inspirational message. Meanwhile, Some elders from Laguna and Manila, are expected to come. #


Several gunshots ended the life of Hermano Jensen Cristobal.

Cristobal, 30, a Public Information Officer of Sta. Rosa, Laguna and former UP Sarong Banggi and University Student Council Chairperson of UP Los Baños, was gunned down by unidentified men in Makati City last February 18, 2006.

Based from a news report, witnesses saw the suspects, on board a black sedan car with plate number UHD 416, push Cristobal out of the vehicle and shot him several times in a parking lot near the Honda Cars building in Paseo de Magallanes, Barangay Magallanes.

Based from unconfirmed reports, the reason for his murder was love triangle as the owner of the vehicle was traced to the former boyfriend of Cristobal’s girlfriend. Cristobal’s former bosses in Sta. Rosa, Laguna who are also lawyers are already studying the case.

Hermanas and hermanos from Sarong Banggi were shocked by Cristobal’s sudden death. Some UP Sarong Banggi members went to the wake at Sta. Rosa, Laguna before he was finally laid to rest in his hometown Ligao, Albay last February 25, 2006.

Cristobal, a batch 1993 Chemical Engineering student from UPLB, served as a chairperson of UP Sarong Banggi in 1995-1996, of the National Union of Students in the Philippines in 1997-1999, and of the University Student Council in 1997-1998. He also served as a writer for the UPLB Perspective, the official student publication of UPLB.

Source: Philippine Daily Inquirer Metro Briefs, February 19, 2006 and UPLB Perspective issue no. 11. With reports from SB yahoogroups.

Also read


Last March 18, 2006, a UPSB team-building activity, which also served as a leadership training seminar, was held near Carillon Tower, UP Los Baños from nine thirty am to 12 noon.

A total of 11 members, mostly new members, attended the said activity. Eight members failed to come.

Maria Hygina Borjal and Elena Marie Enseñado facilitated the said event. They prepared a series of activities which aimed to (A) acquaint all the members of the organization; (b) identify the perceived problems regarding the organization and offer solutions to it; (c ) set the common, clear goals of the organization; and (d) identify the 7C’s needed in fostering team building.

For the first part, the participants were asked to give their expectations for themselves, their co-members, and the organization. Majority expected an enjoyable and learning activity.

The succeeding activities were indeed a learning and enjoyable experience. While the members took part in fun activities like Ako Ikaw, Sabihin Mo, Queen’s Wishes, Race!, Land Mines!, and Mag-inarte ka!, they discussed the importance of communication, cooperation, competence, collaborative climate, collective leadership, common, clear goal, and commitment.

Meanwhile, the final part included identifying the problems and giving solutions to it and stating their visions for the organization. The members offered solutions to the problems in aspects such as in membership and finance while “Sana marecognize next semester…” and “Sana dumami pa ang members” were some of the vision statements. #


Eight is a magic number. We firmly believe. Here are the new UPSB members, with their own personal sketches, and a profile of their personalities from our own, subjective understanding.

He admits that his brother was one of the reasons why he joined the organization. Maybe he will follow his brother’s footsteps. Maybe not. One thing’s for sure: he will make his own mark in the organization with his inherent talents, not to mention his scholarly (pun intended) attitude. This BS Agriculture student is an Agricultural and Rural Development Program scholar. So far , he is doing a good job as he has maintained his scholarship . Keep it up, Miyk!

She maybe the youngest in her family, but in this group of eight, Girlie is the “ate”. Every one can attest that she is one responsible (we have to say this: Girlie recruited two of her batchmates), religious (member of Lakas Angkan Ministry), industrious (part-time student assistant) humble (agree?), and friendly (need to explain further?) person. A Computer Science student, we can definitely rely on her technical skills, hacking, included.

If there’s one person who excels both in academics and extracurricular activities, Benny is the answer. A BS Chemical Engineering student, Benny is a member of three other organizations. Keyword: Management. We can attest to that as even if she’s only a new member, she is doing a perfect job handling the money matters. Moreover, she already has BIG plans for the organization. Right Benny?

Seventeen-year-old Andrea is a BS Development Communication student who has heard about SB from her mother. Her mother, Editha Orda-Martinez, a graduate of UPLB was also a member of UP Sarong Banggi in the 1960s. And she was not too keen of letting her daughter join. However, Andrea’s desire to meet more Bicolanos (her own words, mind you) and maybe, our persuasion skills (again, just maybe) have made her decide to join the organization. Apparently, she’s just living the life she wants it to be.

Like Andrea, Mitzi also has a parent who is an SB member. Her dad, Miles Evora is a founding member of SB in Ateneo de Naga University. Her father encouraged her to join that is why we did not have a hard time asking her. Mitzi, a Development Communication student and a Youth on Fire member, can be easily recognized with her eyeglasses. She is definitely a smart girl and not just smart looking. In addition, her Educational Communication skills can be put into use in the Publicity Committee of the organization. Err. Just assuming.

Kat is a BS Development Communication, major in Educational Communication student who collects bluebooks and test papers. Taking exams is her hobby. Of course we are just kidding. But seriously, Kat is one intelligent and industrious girl. Proof to that is her University Student este US (are we right) standing. Kat may look “mataray” at first meeting but she definitely has a “kalog” and “makulit” personality. Talk about spoofing her batchmate. Besides, her talkative nature will erase all your pre-conceived notions. Agree?

Kring, also a BS Development Communication student was recruited because of her blocmate Andrea. This seventeen-year-old girl who likes food and music does not have any dislikes. Bewildering isn’t it? Anyway, Kring is from Bagamanoc, Catanduanes but now resides in Calamba City with her family. She joined the organization because according to her, she would like to meet other Bicolanos. You didn’t go wrong, girl!

He may be the youngest but he is not the least opinionated among the group. He is assertive and articulate. He is BA Communication Arts student and proud of it. Ranie ( a cousin of Andrea,) , says that he likes himself (yeah, right!), reading, writing, singing, and every one’s favorite, Harry Potter. On the other hand, he dislikes superhot days and pimples. He relates that he joined the org “Siyempre kasi SB to tapos iba pa yung feeling pag kasama mo mga tao with the same cultural background”. True enough, Ranie.

And they are the Eight students from the different colleges in the university who decided to join the organization. You have read their profile and imagined what they are really like or who they really are in person.

They have different personalities and each one has something unique to share. Ranie says that he can give ideas and support to the org activities. Andrea, Mitzi, and Kat say they can share their talents, abilities, and skills while Miyk says his time.

Kring says she can recruit new members while both Girlie and Benny says dedication to their roles as members of the organization. #

Note: The new members' sketches of themselves will be posted soon.

SB FORUM: Naniniwala ba ka ba na “Sa Pagkasararo May Kusog?”

Siyempre. Dahil kapag nagkakasundo ang mga tao, at nagkakaintindihan madali lang gawin ang ibang bagay —BENNY
Yes. Kasi mas madami magagawa pag madami gumagawa.— GIRLIE
Syempre!!! Kasi no one can stand alone. — KRING
Yes. Mas maraming nagagawa kapag may unity. — ANDREA
Yup. There is strength in numbers and we can help one another — MITZI
Iyo...without cooperation, however good the plan or activities might be, it won’t work out. --KAT
Iyu. Two hands are better than one. — MIYK
Iyo. Siyempre, no man is an island kasi. — RANIE